Mechanix Wear CG Leather Safety Gloves

Mechanix™ Wear
CG Leather Safety Gloves

The Mechanix™ Wear CG leather safety gloves are available in several different styles, and you can choose from the Commercial Grade Framer, CG Impact Pro or 4.0 style gloves. The CG Impact Pro gloves are quite popular, and they offer complete protection for your hands.

They come with molded rubber ribbing, which forms a strong, flexible exoskeleton around the hands. These gloves are made with extra palm protection, and the additional padding helps to relieve pressure points. The fingers are reinforced, and each glove is made with genuine leather.

If you're looking for something to protect your hands from dangerous objects, then it might be time to consider the CG Impact Pro gloves. We recommend the CG Pro for long shifts, and since they're high-endurance products, they have extra padding and protect against fatigue caused by using heavy equipment and tools.