Mechanix Wear Fabricator Safety Gloves

Mechanix™ Wear
Fabricator Safety Gloves

The Mechanix™ Wear Fabricator safety gloves are great products, and with a new design, they're perfect for manipulating sheet metal, creating bodywork and welding. These gloves are made of genuine leather, and since they're high-dexterity gloves, they're perfect for bodywork, welding and sheet metal.

The leather material is 100 percent genuine, and it's durable enough to protect your hands from a variety of workplace hazards. Unlike many alternative products, the Mechanix™ Fabricator gloves are exclusively designed for bodywork, welding and sheet metal fabrication.

For additional protection, these gloves are made with heat-resistant cowhide panels on the edge of the palm, interior and heel. They even have fingertip reinforcements for the ring, middle and index fingers. A dual-layer leather knuckle band protects against abrasions, and the top of each glove has suede deerskin and soft plush.