Mechanix Wear ORHD Safety Gloves

Mechanix Wear™ ORHD Safety Gloves

The Mechanix™ Wear ORHD safety gloves offer excellent cut resistance, and they're perfect for applications that involve sharp objects. A great example is the oil industry, and every year, many oil workers are injured because they're not wearing proper equipment.

It's very common for oil workers to smash or cut their hands on hazardous objects, and by wearing a pair of Mechanix™ ORHD gloves, you can avoid these unwanted injuries. The gloves on this page are made with CR5 ORHD knit, which gives your hands maximum cut resistance.

Each glove is made with a 13-gauge shell, and it has additional material for a better grip. If you're less likely to drop things, then you're less likely to injure yourself. The Mechanix™ Wear ORHD safety gloves are different because they're made with impact protection that goes all the way to the finger tips, and the thermal plastic rubber is very protective and durable.