Mechanix Wear Mpact III Safety Gloves

Mechanix Wear™ Mpact III® Safety Gloves

On this page, you'll find our Mechanix Wear™ MPACT III® safety gloves, and they offer the latest protection against abrasions and impacts. Depending on your needs, you can choose the standard or TAA® versions. Every year, many workers sustain hand injuries because they're not wearing protective gloves.

Most of these accidents can be prevented with adequate protection, and the Mechanix MPACT III® gloves offer enough protection for most applications. The TAA gloves are designed to handle the toughest jobs, and they also help to prevent your hands from getting tired.

The material used to make the MPACT III® gloves has the ability to absorb impact energy, and it's capable of protecting your hands against unwanted abrasion and impacts.