Occunomix # OCC933 Mira Cool Neck Cooling Shade

Occunomix # OCC933 Mira Cool Neck Cooling Shade

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Working in hot environments and excessive heat situations can cause some uncomfortable problems and depending on the level of heat exhaustion can even be deadly. Our Occunomix PVA cooling neck shades can give you the protection you need from the sun’s powerful rays.

Among the many problems that excessive heat causes, is a tremendous reduction in productivity when heat is present in worksites. It becomes harder to concentrate and will cause a decline of your motor skills, if the body is unable to get cool enough. You can fight back the heat with the Occunomix PVA cooling shades.

This PVA cooling material is unique in these products as they are made to absorb water without feeling heavy on your neck. Once the Occunomix PVA material is activated, you will feel a cooling around your neck and you can attach it to your hard hat keeping you cool all day long.

In addition, this neck shield also protects you from UV rays. Designed to protect the back of your neck, and in the process also keeps you cool. These neck shades can be worn with cap style, full brim hard hats and with baseball caps. Machine washable makes them easy to keep clean.


  • Get relief from the heat through the entire day
  • Can be attached to all ball caps and hard hats
  • Comes with a convenient zipper pouch that you can pour water in
  • Rated at UPF 50+
  • Washable and reusable