MSA V-Gard Cap Style Hard Hats with One Touch Suspensions


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MSA # 10057441-1
V-Gard Cap Style Safety Helmets with One Touch Liners

Here we have the MSA V-Gard™ cap style safety helmets, and with an optimal combination of comfort, strength and affordability, they're some of our best products. When working long hours at a jobsite, comfort is extremely important, and with a one-touch suspension, these helmets can be worn for several hours. The speed of the one-touch suspension is very similar to what you'd get from a ratchet suspension, and it's a great choice for long shifts.

The MSA V-Gard™ cap style safety helmets have built-in slots, which are perfect for important accessories. To guarantee the quality of the parts, these helmets are made in America, and the rigid shell offers great dielectric strength. If your work places you around hazardous electrical environments, you need a helmet that has great dielectric strength.

The helmets sold on this page can fit sizes 6.5 to eight, and they comply with ANSI safety standards. We carry a wide variety of safety helmets, and if you're looking for unmatched affordability, consider these products. The one-touch suspension is a major selling point for the MSA V-Gard™ cap style safety helmets, and most workers are surprised when they find out how fast it can be adjusted.

To make adjustments and achieve maximum comfort, you don't need to remove the helmet from your head, and the suspension is designed to provide comfort for the longest shifts.

  • One-touch suspension is fast and comfortable
  • Delivers maximum comfort for long shifts
  • High-quality parts are made in America
  • Helmet shell is rigid and offers great dielectric strength
  • Can fit head sizes between 6.5 to eight Complies with US ANSI/ISEA Z89.1-2014, Type I Class C, E & G Standards
MSA # 10057441 V-Gard Cap Style Safety Helmets with One Touch Liners
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