ERB Omega II Full Brim Hats with Ratchet Suspensions

ERB Omega II Full Brim with Ratchet Suspension (All Colors)

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ERB Omega II Full Brim Safety Helmets With Ratchet Liners


The ERB Omega II full-brim safety helmets comes with a ratchet liners, and it's different from our other products because it's equipped with a different type of liner. Most workers prefer a ratchet liner because it's extremely easy to adjust, and it only takes a few seconds to adjust the size.

This helmet is ideal for general applications, and with a shell made from strong polyethylene material, you get excellent protection against falling objects. A full brim makes the ERB Omega II helmet especially useful in harsh weather conditions because the additional coverage protects your face against ultraviolet rays and heavy rain.

A six-point ratchet liner makes this helmet very comfortable to wear for long periods of time, and since the liner is made from woven nylon, it offers significantly more comfort than alternative materials. This helmet comes with removeable brow pads, and it can be adjusted to fit most head sizes.

Every helmet comes with a low nape strap, which prevents the helmet from shifting and reduces the risk of injury. With a sleek design, this helmet protects your head from falling objects and doesn't reduce visibility, and once the brow pads get dirty, they can be removed from the helmet and washed.

We recommend these helmets for highway maintenance, utility work and construction, but they're useful for a variety of applications.

  • Made in the United States
  • Equipped with a six-point ratchet liner
  • Brow pad can be removed and washed
  • Full brim protects against glare and rainy weather
  • Ideal for highway maintenance and construction work
  • Protect shell made from polyethylene plastic
  • Low nape strap prevents shifting
  • Easy to adjust the size
  • Complies with US ANSI/ISEA Z89.1-2014, Type I Class C, E & G Standards
ERB Omega II Full Brim Safety Helmets with Ratchet Liners
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